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About Us

Pause to Balance offers Wellness Travel Experiences

Our aim is to help create a chain of good habits; before, during, and after travel. We believe that being more balanced doesn’t mean dramatic changes in lifestyle, it means small investments in the right places. We understand that we live in a fast paced society, but we also understand and believe that sometimes, we just need to Pause to Balance.

Pause to Balance offers transformational Wellness Travel Experiences, helping you add and reinforce small doses of healthy living into your everyday lifestyle. We believe that travel is a powerful way to find and balance yourself more completely. By focusing solely on you and the new environment around you, awareness heightens and changes becomes more tangible.

At Pause to Balance our Wellness Travel offerings are a mixture of mental, physical, spiritual, and emotional experiences that will aid you on your journey to becoming the best version of yourself. We’re not just booking your travel and saying thank you, we are looking to be apart of this collective Wellness journey with you.

Remember, no matter where you are in your Personal Wellness Journey, the practice is always with you.

Happy travels,
The Pause to Balance team

Our Vision and Mission

Vision: Create virtuous cycle of positive personal changes through travel, helping individuals become their better, more complete selves –  making their lives and the lives of those around them happier and more fulfilling. 
Mission: Help those on a Personal Wellness Journey add small doses of healthy living to their everyday lifestyle, while making booking Transformational Wellness Travel Experiences as easy and enjoyable as resting yourself into child’s pose.